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Originally Posted by schrater View Post
I think psneeld has it here. Simple application. Small and efficient portable gas generator, run up on deck, for a few hours while awake and monitoring, with the basic shore power cable plugged in to run the charger, in the odd situation where necessary for longer stays on the hook.

There are a million “what ifs”, but none of those fit the profile the OP (me) posited.

actually no...I plug the charger directly into the genset using an extension cord...though I used to use the shore power cord...I don't energize the whole boat system with the genset, it just charges batteries and if I need AC power, the boat outlets run off a marine grade, properly installed inveter.

by doing that I eliminate even the fearmongerers worry that by touching something electrical while the genset is running. Just so I won't cook myself because of wetnss, bad plugs, frayed wires, Halley's Comet, etc...etc... (even though I have managed for 65 years without zapping myselt )
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