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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
Yes Stuart is a great town. Really good restaurants. The water coming from the lake is super gross however and causes lots of growth IIRC. And the inlet scares me, but Iíve never been through it so maybe itís just the fear of the unknown. [emoji6]
SMILE There is a lot of stories about that inlet. When I was at Chapman's, we trained on that inlet. Never had a problem. If you don't know or don't listen to the stories, you wont have any problem if you use common sense. Don't get too close to the nav aids. Some are floating and on chains.
Now, you want a fun inlet, try Haulover, north of Miami. It is narrow, has a delta, so stay close to the shore .... A good depth sounder is a strong suggestion. The key is to stay close enough the shore, once under the bridge but, not too close or you will end up on the rocks.
I think there are a number of videos of small boats using Haulover.... Again, common sense and picking your tide action, ride the waves.
Did Noah have a get home-engine?
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