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Sandpiper, a Taiwam built 1976 Bluewater Pilothouse has a solid fiberglass hull. But the decks, roofs and everything else above the hull is glass over mahogany plywood.

Inside and above the hull, it is constructed like a wood boat with mahogany frames, deck beams, stringers.

I was fortunate that the PO deleted teak decking except in the cockpit when he ordered the boat. He also deleted the teak railings.

The teak deck in the cockpit is fastened with screws directly to the plywood with a black elastic adhesive. I'm not sure if polysulfides were available then, but it looks like it. It could also be butyl too.

The differences between the various trawlers construction methods were largely due to the primitive boat building industry in Taiwan during the 60's and 80's. Builders were switching to FRP and slowly evolving their building methods as knowledge and techniques improved. First boats were FRP hull and glass over plywood deck and topsides. As mold building technology advanced, more and more topside molds were developed and coring became necessary for strength weight and cost.

Almost all Taiwan trawlers from the 70's and 80's use either plywood or end grain balsa coring in the decks. There were reports of the Taiwan yard using regular plywood for coring instead of marine plywood when the American manager was not in the shop.
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