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Originally Posted by mvweebles View Post
Attached is the table of offsets for the team doing my fiberglass work in Ensenada Mexico (Niza Marine - good folks). I forget where I found the factors to make these calculations for my rudder, but this is what is being built. Note, there is a horizontal plate on the top and bottom to direct flow.

Originally, I inquired into articulating rudders as I know at least a couple Willards have one. One knowledgeable/experienced owner of not one but two Willards (one in SE Alaska, the other in Sea of Cortez) said "Pete, have you thought about a fishtail rudder?" So I did a bit of research and found several credible references similar to quote above from Klee Wyck. Relatively inexpensive modification. I own a slip and this will hopefully solve my fear of a particularly difficult configuration.

Fingers crossed - will update when complete!
I think you will be happy with the FT rudder. Articulating is nice but more of a new construction thing as opposed to a refit item.
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