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Originally Posted by stevemitchell View Post
However, I'd need 2x of the 500W model as I have 5.1 gallons of oil per engine, dual engines, and the 250W one is too small. That's quite a bit of power (1000W) to be constantly sucking from the dock just for the engine room!

My engine has 3.5 gallons of oil per engine, so smaller than yours. However, if it is something that you keep on 24/7 while at the dock, the heat will radiate through the engine quite nicely. That would be too little wattage if you were looking to warm up the engine before starting, but is plenty to keep the engine from getting too cold. Also, two engines in the ER, each with a 250W oil pan heater will be more effective than one engine with a 250W oil pan heater. Same reason two folks stay warmer cuddled together under the covers in bed.

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