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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
My knowledge of engines pretty much ends with knowing how to start and stop them. FWIW, I put an oil pan heater on my Cummins 5.9L engine a couple years ago. I didn't have any starting or smoking problems but just wanted to keep the engine warm enough to keep it dry in the wet months. I put a 250W heater on the oil pan and it keeps the engine block temps in the 50's even during sub-freezing weather. It also keeps the rest of the ER from getting too cold.

If you heat the oil pan, heat rises. This keeps the whole engine a lot warmer. I leave the heater on 24/7. Has worked out great. On a really cold day, it does help to bring the engine coolant temps up more quickly, but most of the time it makes little difference.
I saw your posts from your install. I do like the idea of keeping things warm, although I use pipe insulation halves to block the engine intakes in cold weather, and a small 500W heater in the engine room, which keeps things warm. The oil pan heater would definitely provide even more warmth.

However, I'd need 2x of the 500W model as I have 5.1 gallons of oil per engine, dual engines, and the 250W one is too small. That's quite a bit of power (1000W) to be constantly sucking from the dock just for the engine room!

Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
I went the block heater route. Put a factory one in my 4045 JD. I left for Florida several years ago in February. Water temp in the Chesapeake was about 34 degrees and so was the engine room. Plugged the heater in 8 hours before leaving. Engine was around 75 when I started it. Don't know what the oil temp was but I'm sure it got some benefit as the engine room was in the 40s.

Sounds like a perfect setup!
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