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Originally Posted by Theo View Post
Thanks to all for your comments both pro and con. I have no doubt that many negative comments are "arm chair quarterbacks" just repeating things they've "heard" but have no direct experience. In re-reading all of the comments I guess I'm still on the fence about these engines. I realize there are NO sure fire guarantees with ANY engine and exceptions to the rule do exist. I guess I'll mull it over some more and then flip a coin.
Theo, three things:

1. Suggest you find a reputable diesel mechanic in your cruising locale who realistically assures you he loves these engines, has worked on them for years and can guarantee a spare parts source.
2. Recommend you don't plan any long distance cruises where tow boat and cell phones don't exist.
3. Many of us do have first hand 8.2 experience but gave up the fight decades ago.

BTW, for a river boat, they may be just fine since so much time is spent enjoying life at the dock. I did it for years with gassers in a big boat. Speaking of which, why not gasser?
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