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The original poster asked for comments from members with experience with the engines. Are you saying you had a boat with these engines and that you had serious mechanical problems? If so, please describe exactly what went wrong. Again, there's a lot of conjecture and hearsay out there, but not any detailed descriptions of actual experiences.

Me thinks the incessant negative dock talk keeps current owners from speaking their piece. The engines will run trouble free for many thousands of hours in that hull, in part because they likely won't be run on the pins all the time, and in large part because there are no fuel injection pumps to overhaul. The fuel system is bullet proof. Fifteen years with not a single issue, folks. Look at the forum threads for other engines....fuel injection pumps, head gaskets, valve problems, parts availability. If I was interested in a Mainship, I'd buy one with 700 hour 8.2s in a New York minute.

As an aside, a V8 would come out of our aft cabin boat in pieces. Remove the heads, remove the oil pan. Rotate the short block 90 degrees on it's longitudinal axis and it will go out through the side door beside the lower helm. Alternatively, the short block will fit (level) though the large starboard side window in the salon. Easier than a six by a long shot.
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