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Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
1. The head bolt issue and deck design is common knowledge. I specifically stated that the higher horsepower versions had longevity issues. If anyone has documented evidence that the 220/250 horsepower engines have a persistent associated issue, please provide it.

2. Mechanics didn't like them because the rack was a pain in the neck in road vehicles (a non-event in a boat application). That and the early head bolt problem took care of the rest. That doesn't mean the mid-horsepower engines were/are junk. It means that urban legend is a powerful thing.

3. I specifically said the 8.2 was intended as a stop-gap engine until the Series 60 came on line. It was expensive to produce and was never intended to compete with their own new product line. Add the lingering early rep from gasket failures and it was a no brainer to stop production. Again, that doesn't mean the mid range power versions were junk.

The 220/250 engines are reliable and economical in the pleasure cruiser/trawler application...period. That's from someone with first hand experience and interface with other owners....not dock talk. This subject has come up before. The people who run them like them. The arm chair experts who have never owned and operated them come out of the wood work to badmouth them. I don't do it to other brand engines etc...but I sure could. Not nice.
I owned 2 of them....Not dock talk. Mine had the larger headbolt upgrade done while I owned it. I used Power Products, the local Detroit dealer. They didn't even like to talk about these engines. They had 1 guy who was the specialist even though others were trained on them. Those techs hated those engines. My "dock talk comes right from the mechanics mouth, not the marina. I put more hours on them than most pleasure boaters did.

I knew a few peeps that had good luck with them but any boat with them will be a hard sell and will suffer in the marketplace. Expect to discount.
There are so many reliable engines around without stigma,why would anyone chance it without a large discount?
By the way, it was a Power Product tech who told me (1991) that parts were becoming problematic
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