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It’s all a mater of how much you have to spend and how big the problem is.

I have two bolt holes in my rudder horn. When I bought the boat the steering arm was attached to the outboard hole giving 30-35 degrees of rudder deflection w about 6 turns L-L at the helm. I attached the arm/rod to the inboard hole closer to the rudder shaft. Got 45 degrees of deflection and three turns L-L.

That made such a huge improvement in rudder effectiveness I can come out of my slip w full rudder at the helm and stay in gear throughout my 90 degree turn. With room to spare. I should add I usually back in. When other skippers are aboard Willy while making hard over turns close to other boats, pilings ext in close quarters they sometimes begin to grab controls. I actually gently pushed one guy away. He thought surely we were going to crash into the stern of the big seine boat just ahead.

I got lucky In several ways. Boat is always at less than 6.5 knots with a big rudder. The rudder, shoe and other related hardware is very stout HD equipment. Someone put the extra bolt hole in the horn in just the right place. And I’d just converted to hydraulic steering and went way overboard on skookum. Choose hose, pump and slave cylinder suitable for most 40’ boats.

Faster boats w lesser structure in their rudder system shouldn’t add to the TE of the rudder or increase the leverage at the horm and shaft. You may overpower the system while rushing down a good sized following sea, yawing too much and using full power and full rudder to keep from broaching. But a smaller bit of the above may be safe depending on how strong your rudder system is. Like having a strong shoe connected to the keel and to the bottom of the rudder is probably a big plus. The weakest link is what should get the attention. But for many slow trawlers the above may work as well for you as it did for me.

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