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I recently cruised the net looking at lithium batteries, and was drawn to the ones used in the new Nordhavn 41. Do not remember the brand right now.

Then I went to that manufacturers web site and saw that a 400 amp hour bank would cost something like $5,000.

That wasn’t the scary part. The scary part to me was the sophisticated electronics and the very propritary equipment needed to protect them from what appeared to me to be a risk of burning up.

Then I thought of my 8 year old 800+ amp hour bank of L16HC batteries coupled to my Xantrex inverter/charger, and backed up by a spare charger that cost me another $350.

Replacing that bank will cost me something less than $1500 depending on the brand I choose. Yes I will need to actually look at them every couple of months and add water to them if full time cruising on the hook. Adding water takes me all of less than a hour, and it gives me an excuse to look around the lazarette a bit at the same time.

In terms of reliability, I have 8 years on my house bank right now. It will be soon replaced. If while cruising in a remote area I need to replace a cell, then I believe that I will be able to find more L16 batteries as they are pretty common in the industrial world.

I am ALL for technology on my boat, but to me that technology needs to make operational sense. To me adding complexity to save a bit of weight and space is not something I am interested in doing. FLA batteries are a mature technology in a very high risk area.

For now, I’ll stick with my FLA bank. Other technologies will mature over time and become viable, but in my opinion they still have a ways to go.

For some yes, but not for me.
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