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Fifteen ears ago I spoke with the lead J&T engineer for the 8.2 marinization project. His first comment was that the 250 HP version of the engine is a "gem" in a marine application...the best engine they ever certified... primarily because the injector rack is moved very little in a boat (unlike an accelerator pedal in a truck or bus for example). Wear in the rack components is virtually non-existent and the requirement for recurring adjustment is virtually nil. This maintenance issue in road going applications, along with the early head gasket problem led to a bad rep on the street, and sadly, it stayed with the engine. It's mostly unsubstantiated "dock talk"...urban legend today. (By the way, the 8.2 was always envisioned as an interim engine while the Series 60 four strokes were under development).

The J&T engineer advised that the 220 and 250 HP engines were the best of the lot, with the 180 NA version being underpowered (for the displacement), and the 300/350 intercooled versions (typically used in small sport fish boats) being short lived.

If you look at Boat Diesel (or even on this site), compare apples to apples. You'll find that the Lehman, Perkins, Volvo, and even Cummins offerings have far more issues than the 8.2...including parts availability. The engine is indeed a gem in my experience. Zero parts failures in 15 years....NONE! Belts and hoses...that's it. Simple, efficient, leak free, and absolutely reliable. Further, they have that reassuring big boy V8 rumble...worth a premium by itself.

There are still plenty of 8.2 engines in wrecking yards. Yes, marinized components are expensive, but the exhaust manifolds are available as are the riser elbows. Like an idiot, I purchased a spare engine, a set of pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, injection governor, fuel pump, etc,, and put them in storage for a rainy day. It never happened. The dock talk is urban legend, BS. If the engines in the boat you're looking at are 220/250s and have been cared for, they will outlast you and the next few buyers.

PM me if you have questions or wish to discuss the engine.
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