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You indicate that your system is equipped with 50A breakers. If the cabling is #6, you may not have as much problem converting to a 240V/50A cable as some have suggested. There are so many variables involved that it's clearly beyond the forum to make that determination. You'll need a qualified ABYC marine electrician to make the call. Still, I'd definitely move to the 50A cable, there are so few places where 50A is NOT available that it is almost never an issue. As you noted, you already have experienced issues with dual 30A service. It's inadequate for your application. A smart wye would be a good investment to insure you're adaptable for those rare locations that are strictly 30A.

If you do convert, you'll need to be aware of the pitfalls of converting those dual 30 services to 50A, specifically neutrals and in particular neutrals and inverter circuits. An ABYC electrician will be aware of those issues, and dealing with them early on will help you avoid problems connecting to shore power that has been recently upgraded and is GFCI/ELCI equipped.

So your upgrade would provide you with a connection that requires only a single cable, won't nuisance trip, and will have the capacity to power all loads without fussing with what can be run when, etc. You've got a world-class vessel, get the power un-fussed! Plug in, turn on, and relax.

Good luck with the solution!
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