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Changing the two 120V 30A circuits to two 120V 50A circuits supplied by one 240/120V shore power connection will be difficult. All of the wiring from the new 240/120V shore power inlet may have to be upgraded to #8 to deal with the higher potential current (although it may have been wired for 50A originally from the factory). Also not all marinas have 240/120V power available but you can usually find two 120V 30A circuits on all with an adapter for the ones who do have 240/120V power.

So why not move one of the air conditioners over to the other, probably lightly loaded 30A circuit. This may pose some problems with the raw water pump if it is common to all three A/Cs but move the A/C that you use the least so that the other two are always on and supplying the raw water pump from the original 30A circuit.

Another problem as noted above is that a 30A circuit is marginal for running two 16K btu A/C units.

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