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We have been liveaboards for over seven years on our N40 and experienced temps over 100 on the bay. We found that two a/c running- salon and cabins have been sufficient. The PH is warmer but at the dock we donít spend as much time there. We also have Phifertex shades for the PH and interior shades in the salon, both of which help a great deal.

Ours is likely somewhat newer and is wired the same as you describe. Therefore, Iíd suggest your surveyor may be mistaken regarding the need to downgrade circuit breakers. Assuming yours is similar to ours, there should be 32A circuit breakers between the shore power inlets and the ďShipís Service SelectorĒ switch. Ours is in the medicine locker. From the switch, 4ga. cable is used to the distribution panel (and its main panel CB) and also from that switch to the a/c panel (and itís main CB.) As alluded to above, this is to accommodate the full output of the generator. Yours (Iím assuming you have one) is likely 8k or 66 amps. You still have to manage loads but, you can simultaneously run ďnearlyĒ everything on generator.

The owners manual should have electrical diagrams which should be consulted rather than relying on the above and the possibility that specs have indeed changed and the distinct possibility I have no idea what Iím talking about.

I know of at least one 40 that went the 50 amp cord route allowing them to run all three a/cís at once. While we are considering that, there are some caveats: The cord is a big heavier python to wrestle, more expensive and more expensive to replace burned plugs. If you canít find a 50 amp pedestal, youíll have to reverse Y 30s so youíll only have 30 amps anyway. The cable between the inlet and the main selector switch is 10ga. And will need to be replaced, likely to 6ga as will the aforementioned intermediate circuit breakers. No showstoppers, just considerations, and all in all probably preferable than adding a third 30A circuit.

Good luck with your purchase.
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