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I see instances where there are 8-10 pleasure craft, a couple tugs, sometimes 4-6 passenger vessels, the occasional cargo vessel or tanker... all named and presumably forwarded by one of the local shore stations

And one pleasure craft with "position received by satellite" -- adjacent to some of those others, sometimes apparently within feet of another.

I used to know a bit about radio frequency propagation and so forth... and at these power levels its difficult to imagine a case where a satellite can receive a given signal and a shore station can't -- at these distances -- can't, unless there's some kind of blockage, like maybe a building or something up close and personal to the transmitter. Doesn't seem like a possibility in this case, though, given other boats in near enough proximity to suggest they're at the same dock.

Does Marine Traffic maybe have some kind of "opt out" option, where people can pay to NOT have their vessel info/location repeated on the net?

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