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Smile Introducing myself

Hello everybody, i am new to this forum, let me introduce myself decently:
My name is Joop 60 years old, live in the Netherlands nearby a lot of water, so have had little and bigger boats since i was 15 years old.
Have had a little wharf during a decade fixing all kinds of steel build yachts
(thats how we build them mostly in Holland) and know how much work it is to maintain steel yachts.
Now we wanted to have another boat, obvious it had to be GRP , by chance we saw a Gulfstar 36 trawler 1972 and where in love ! it has everything we need.
Of course we must do a lot of things , but it doesnt look bad and has had a good owner. made a list of attention points , have read all possible information on the internet about this boat , and are going to inspect the boat tomorrow for the second time , will problaby forget a lot of things and think too easy about fixing them but can do a lot myself, and knowing that no boat is perfect are going to buy it anyway.
There are just a few of these boats in Europe and probably just one or two in the Netherlands.
I will keep you informed of the progress and invite other owners to exchange their experience with me.
Excuse me for my english spelling errors for it is not my birth language.
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