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I saw these filters at the Annapolis Sailboat Show, and was wondering if anyone has experience with them?

The centripetal filtration system they marketed to sailors was designed to help protect the main Racor and on-engine filter (which are left in line) from the water and debris that might otherwise shut down an engine at an untimely moment.

Flow from the tank runs through the RCI filter and then to a T which shares fuel with the Racor/engine and a 1gph fuel pump and which runs through a check valve and then T'd into the return flow of fuel from the engine back to the tank. This allows polishing of fuel while the fuel pump is running, whether or not the engine is running.

There is a sensor wire off the unit triggering an alarm when significant water or debris has been trapped. Opening a valve at the the bottom of the unit drains off the unwanted quantity, and the system is quickly back in operation. This warning prevents unexpected loss of function before your Racor gets clogged.

Costs were about $900 for the 1gpm system, a grand for a 2gpm, and $1600 for a 7gpm system.

No elements are required, and only maintenance was to evacuate the filter yearly and blow pressurized air from the top to the bottom.

For sailboats which infrequently use an entire tank of gas during a season, it seemed like pricey but useful insurance, since old diesel becomes unreliable due to condensation and growth which can get stirred up from wave action. But since the cost quickly decreased for higher capacity filtration, I wondered if it might be interesting to trawler owners as well?
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