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Originally Posted by GordC View Post
Thanks All, lots to think about. Can't do an oil analysis as I did my annual oil change last week. The engines are just coming up to 4000 hours. I've put 1000 hours on her. I suspect the dampers have never been changed. Probably a good place to start. It may have rattled before. I could only hear it when in the engine room.
Properly cared for, your damper plates will last a very long time. Improper care, not reducing rpm before shifting, may shorten that time significantly.
My experience is this:
hours at time of purchase:3000. I know nothing about the history that precedes me
hours at inspection of both damper plates: 4500
hours at subsequent inspection of port side: 6000
present: 6500

Each inspection revealed no indication of concerns.

Not saying it isn't your problem, just saying I would inspect carefully before throwing them out.
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