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Peggy “the waste guru”doesn’t like vents so we were wondering about removing it and connecting the 2 ends with plain hose.

It's vent line FILTERS that I don't like!
(I'm sure that's what you meant, but I've been online long enough to know that someone is sure to take your comment literally and aim a blowtorch in my direction...<sigh>)

I agree with RT...sounds like you have a blocked tank vent that's seriously pressurized the tank. So be very careful when you open the deck pumpout fitting, 'cuz there's gonna be a spew or at least a major overflow. (And btw, RT...the polite version is actually "doodoo doth occur.")

Instead of piecing your vent line together after you remove the vent line, why not just buy a few more feet of hose (Shields or Trident # 148 flex PVC is fine for vent lines) and run new one? And while you're at it, replace the vent thru-hull with an open bulkhead thru-hull that you can put a hose nozzle against to backflush the vent line every time you wash the boat and/or pump out.

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