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Extra space is nice, but along with size, would recommend a close look at complexity. For the OP, likely little difference as both boats are Nordhavns, but what halts/interrupts many long distance cruising dreams are systems' breakdowns.

I'm sure there are long threads on this, and I'm sort of making this up as I write, but mechanical complexity can be estimated by
[sum of hose clamps + impellers + hydraulic rams (including stabilizers) you can quickly get a tool on]
divided by
[Sum of hose clamps + impellers + hydraulic rams there are].

Electronics' complexity can be similarly approximated by product of
[sum of display screens + sensors/transducers]
multiplied by
[sum of IP Addresses + WiFi networks (SSIDs)].
Lower is better - under 10. Everyone worries about redundancy, but I strongly suspect most electronic failures these days are due to some sort of SW corruption, incompatibility after a SW/Firmware update, etc. Unless a totally separate system, will affect redundant too.
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