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Mvweebles, I got the feeling they were searching for a “seller” to replace the 46.
I understand, the ER on the 47 was larger. How they distributed the +1 foot to the interior, I never learned.
I had a deposit on the smaller version but, they kept raising the price so I requested and got my deposit back.
I have seen pics where the exhaust was run all the way up the mast.
I kept my N46 until some yeahoo, in the yard, took a jack stand out before he put in another. Boat fell over, port stabilizer ended up in the owner’s SR.... constructive loss
Someone bought it, repaired it and sailed for about 2 years and put it back on the market. I suspect his decision was he wanted to move a shore. Someone posted the ad here but forgot where. A note was made, in the ad, of the accident and a rebuilt constructive loss.
Did Noah have a get home-engine?
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