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The N47 was introduced around 2000, the N43 didn't roll off the line until around 2005, so the N43s are naturally newer on average. I delivered a lot of new Nordhavn at the time. I cannot comment on the 43 as I exited the delivery business just prior to their introduction, but I did deliver a dozen or so 47s to Oregon and Washington to avoid sales tax in California. I found the boat to be slow and a bit awkward but for me, gold standard was the N57. I was not a fan of the less expensive exterior doors and windows PAE used on the N47 and N55

I was excited about the N43 and I wonder how they perform. The N40, who's production had been moved to China at about the same time (prior was the pacific seacrsft yard, the only Nordhavn to be built in US), was a remarkably strong performer. I would expect it to be a bit faster and more mannerly than the N47. I personally am fine with the tradeoff of salon space vs side deck - the cockpit is clear and easy to work from. I did deliver one N47 where the owner did not have a flybridge installed - definitely a better looking boat visually.

These are both well established boats from a very reputable builder. Both will have decent resale prospects when the time comes. I agree that it's too bad the 43 can't be had for a discount, but they are two very different boats. The 43 is a stretched 40. The 47 is a reduced 55. If two similarly priced and condition boats were sitting at a dock and I had to chose one, would be the 43.
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