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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Protect from a mine blast?

I hardly think copper sheathing could do the work of inches of steel on larger warships they are designed to sink.

The copper might have been used to protect the wood before the use of fiberglass from worms like in the olden days.

You could be correct, but I would love to see the evidence and specifications of copper "mine protection".
The Calypso was initially a minesweeper, so the copper was designed to protect the hull from a distant blast, not from the direct impact of a mine. As mentioned the sistership of the Calypso is at the same marina where I have my boat and it is the explanation Iíve got from her captain... i know that they have removed the copper but no idea of the thickness, I will check with the captain once the yacht is back from the shipyard and will update accordingly
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