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Originally Posted by Pete Meisinger View Post
"New to all things boating"..."Looking for a smaller Nordhaven" These two quotes don't really seem to go together. Maybe you could fill us in a bit about your history and future plans.

Nordhavens are "top of the line" and I would guess not generally considered to be entry level boats. They are pricey, ocean going vessels with redundancy built in and generally advanced electronics which do not seem to be a great match for a Newbie.

I know the boating culture is different in Australia. Please fill in a few blanks for us.

Welcome Aboard.

Hi Pete

I have an aviation background and am used to glass cockpits and the like, so to me the electronics aren't really an issue. I've flown offshore conducting Marine Pilot Transfer operations.

I've also instructed military pilots from ab initio through to advanced operations, so there's a lot of crossover.

I wouldn't just start out with the trip in question but I want to be able to do it and am trying to get the big picture to make the right choices early on.

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