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Originally Posted by Lepke View Post
About 50 years ago, wood boats operating in the ice had Iron Wood as a 2nd layer of planking above and below the waterline where ice would rub. It's very dense wood and usually doesn't float on its own. In my youth as a shipwright I worked on a number of Alaska boats and barges that had ice protection. It didn't make them ice breakers, but allowed them to work their way thru ice flows and pack ice.
Quite right. We called it iron bark, same stuff and yes it will sink like a stone. Actually a very pretty wood, dark with lots of contrasting grain, but super tough. Cannot drive a nail into it either.

My dad used to occasionally work on a local tug that had been converted from one of those same sweeper hulls, company was Alaska Outport, don't remember the name of the boat though, wait!! Just remembered. It was the Klehowa.

I was visiting my grandparents place in Fremont many years ago, family get together. I happened to look out towards the Fremont Bridge when lo and behold, the Calypso had just passed! Only time I ever saw it, outside of TV and books.
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