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Taiwan trawler 34-36 stability/chine comparison

I am searching for a 34-36 Taiwan trawler. I am moving from sail to a trawler. I did a visit to a 1983 Albin 36 DC last week and I was pretty surprised at how unstable that boat was in initial stability while tied to the dock in relatively calm water. I am comparing it to my 34' sailboat and past sailboats of course which might not relate to all the experienced trawler folks here. But darn... I felt like I was in a round bottom bathtub at times while on that Albin 36.

I do understand that there is/was a lot of sharing and overlap among the builders and brands over the years. I also understand enough about initial and secondary stability to be dangerous. Maybe even dangerously wrong.

My question to you experts is this regarding Taiwan trawlers 1975-1998. Over the years and over the brands is there any difference in hull shape and or chine shape that would affect initial stability and dock/anchor rock and roll?

Many thanks in advance,

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