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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
Yes. Have a generator.
Good to go, probably. If necessary, turn it on when you start out, turn it off when you get the mainland dock. Charger on, all should be good.

If you didn't have any parasitic loads at play, you could find your batteries are still amost topped up. We've been on the hard for about 5 months before (Odyssey AGMs) with no appreciable self-discharge. I'd expect the Lifelines to be the same.

Originally Posted by DDW View Post
I'd guess they will be OK after a charge. Lifelines can be equalized to restore lost capacity when left discharged. The Lifeline literature explains this procedure.
Originally Posted by Chrisjs View Post
Not sure if it might help, but contrary to what I understood at that time, it is practical to equalize AGM batteries. We were advised of this after our batteries had been through many cycles over a 5 year period. It helped bring them back substantially. Prior to then I had always thought only lead acid batteries should be given an equalizing charge.
FWIW, Lifeline is the only AGM maker -- that I know of -- that recommends equalizing.

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