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May we discuss start batteries?

My current setup:

Twin yanmar 4lha-stp, 240 hp.
Single 4D start battery, West Marine dual purpose, FLA (5 years old and dead)

House bank is 4 6V GC batteries, FLA (6 months old)
Banks are connected via an ACR. 50 amp shore power charger.

My start batt has recently bitten the dust and is no longer holding a charge. The 4D has worked pretty well, but they are sort of uncommon, expensive and heavy. Also, I'd like an actual start battery rather than a dual purpose. I looked but couldn't find a 4D start battery when I put this one in 5 years ago.

I'm not real happy with the longevity of this battery, it leads an easy life, not sure what caused such an early demise.

I'm considering going to a group 31 start battery. CCA are very similar, it's 1/2 the cost, easier to install and takes up less space. I reckon that if needed I could always get a second G31 and parallel it, cost of two would be about the same as one 4D.

Any thoughts? Any idea how many amps I need to crank my motors?

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