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The aspect of having to leave the Bimini up all the time prevented me from further exploring that method of attachment. My shelter roof is too low to permit the Bimini staying up and I like to fold the Bimini back when running in good weather as the Bimini creates a wind tunnel at the FB helm when it is up.

I posted my installation pictures on TF a few months ago. I hang a pair of 160w panels from the upper rails. They can be lifted up to horizontal and fastened in place. The lifting takes about 20 seconds for each. They are completely out of the way as they are over the side decks, at the height of the rails up top.

My fridge and freezer and battery charging were well satisfied on our vacation this year.

My hydro bill for Sept (fridge on for a week, including at night) was $2.70 while away from the boat.
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