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I purchased a 3-burner Seaward (Princess) propane stove about 20-years ago. At the time, Force 10 had some issues but I can't remember what they were. The Seaward works fine, and I will likely have it for another 20-years, but I would probably go with the Force 10 based on:

1. Broiler. From the Chuck Hawley/WM video, I see there the Force 10 has nice sear-broiler. My Seaward only has a space beneath the burner - I cannot tell what the Dickinson has

2. Stainless Steel grate. My Princess has a porcelain grate, the Dickinson appears to have some sort of cast grate - difficult to tell the material. I like the lift-up grate on the Force 10.

3. Burner BTU - the Dickinson has higher output burners, but I have to say that having at least one low-output burner is really nice for cooking rice.

In my opinion, all three are workable, though despite the fact I am relatively happy with my Seaward, I would chose either the Dickinson or Force 10 if I were buying new today. I would lean towards the Force 10 mostly due to easy cleanup and the lower-BTU output burner for simmering rice and the Broiler looks nice in the Force 10 (can't tell on the Dickinson). But I do like Dickinson products. Tough call - doubt you will go wrong with either.
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