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Some complain about heat loss in the Force 10 oven when the door is opened, big door and small space, so logically heat is lost. The solution - a pizza stone.

Some complain the Force 10 oven is slow to heat up, the solution - put both the broiler element on first, then the oven. The warm up will be very quick.

Here is something I found which is helpful, I did not write it:

Hi All.

As a 40 year vet of gas appliances of all kinds......... I would like to give you all a few tips on your Force ten oven problems. Or any oven problems come to that.

1st. All regulators on your gas bottles have a vent to atmosphere. This vent is usually a fine gauze filter to stop ingress of dust and dirt in a normal environment. Being out in an often damp or even worse, wet locker in a salt laden atmosphere is just begging for that little vent to get blocked with salt crystals. If it is blocked the regulator cannot work properly and in some cases will lock up at a low gas rate. therefore not suppling enough gas pressure at the oven. Clean it with warm soapy water and a nail brush.

2nd When we cook in the dinky little ovens (especially at sea) sometimes the cooking spills over and on to the burner. As these burners are quite small any amount of holes blocked can result in a considerable loss of heat output, so put your head in the oven....... Turn it off though Elmer......... and take a look at the burner, if any holes are blocked clean them out.

3rd and final.... No 1 suspect THE JET. During the process of producing LPG/Propane there is quite a bit of oily residue left over. This is mostly filtered out but often, and I do mean OFTEN, some gets through into your refill bottle and either gums up the regulator or makes its way through to the jets on your appliances. Several years ago in Brisbane I had a spate of these where over 60% of all the bottles in Wynnum Manly marina were affected.

If your hotplate burners are all working correctly and there is no visible drop in flame hight when they are all turned on, then chances are this is whats causing your oven problem.

It can also be the oven thermostat being out of calibration but this a lot less likely than the above.

If you can manage to get the jet out DO NOT CLEAN IT OUT WITH A HARD PIN OR NEEDLE OF ANY SHAPE SIZE OR DESIGN! Use a single strand of SOFT copper wire from a spare piece of flex or even a hair from a suitable paint brush. Leave it to soak for an hour in ........... Coke a Cola and it will be very clean. The tolerance on these jets is critical and you would not believe how soft they are and what damage your pin can do!

Once the hole is enlarged the jet is useless and can cause serious damage to your burner and the oven itself.

Hope this helps someone along the way someday.

Happy Cruising all.


And this video is helpful:

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