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Positive Anchor Drag Detector System

I have designed a remote anchor drag detector that uses a sophisticated accelerometer to detect lateral anchor movements, a positive indicator of anchor slippage in real time, and transmits alarm information to a subscribers cell phone.

The advantages of this over GPS geofencing systems are apparent but include:
- detect movements of the anchor not the boat (don't wait until your boat is drifting to know your anchor is slipping)
- system is extremely accurate and eliminates inaccuracy and false alarms with GPS based systems
- gives positive indicator of initial anchor setting and any anchor slipping in real time (can be used to assist in anchor setting and retrieval)
- provides peace of mind allowing the boat owner to relax on the boat or onshore
- system utilizes a buoy to provide visual indication of anchor position to boat owner and other boaters

The system is simple and will be sold at a reasonable price point ($300-$500 depending on optional functionality such as designed for remote locations out of cell phone range).

Looking for feedback on the system and anyone interested in investing to develop the prototype and be part of the business development. I think marine insurance companies might also be interested in this additional safety device aboard their insured boats.
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