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You are a Marine nearing retirement, so self discipline is not a problem, so plan weekend car trips to the areas you might want to boat in, and check out the marinas and walk the docks to look at boats for sale there.
Talk to the people on their boats and get their opinions as to how their boats have answered the concerns you have in your search.
Self knowledge will be key to being comfortable on your boat. What frustrates you, what makes it easy to be happy?
I don't like trying to work in tight spaces, so engine room size mattered to us. I wanted twin diesels, so to get the engine room size I wanted, we had to have about 40ft of boat. Both of us cook, so a decent galley was necessary.
I needed both headroom (6' 4") and wider passageways (that "don't crowd me" thing again)
Decide what is important for you both to be happy to spend time on the boat, and your sarch list of makes and models will get shorter.
We took our list of 7 make / models and found the location of all of them for sale on the East and Gulf coasts, and did a two week road trip to see how closely reality came to our researched concepts. Of the 7, three went right off the list. One in particular, every example we saw had a child sized shower, while another had the headroom needed only in the center of the saloon.
Welcome aboard, have fun, and don't get in too mu h of a hurry.
Cheoy Lee 40 LRC
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