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Originally Posted by Gy Highway View Post
I retire from the Marine Corps in 3 years, the wife and I plan on living on a boat. ... We want to cruise the east coast, the gulf and maybe into the Bahamas. ... We seem to like aft cabin motoryachts and convertible type sportfishers , (I am aware that they will offer completely different experiences). We have yet to see a traditional trawler but are open to the idea.

2. Silverton T-series 45' - (If you own Heavy Metal located at Kent Narrows, MD- your boat was amazing and showed us another possibility!)

4.Sportfisher going trawler speeds as a liveaboard?

7.Engine access that is in the saloon? Seems like a nightmare.

8.Military marinas

9.retired military liveaboards

Thanks for your service!

2. Check out the 50C, too, for comparison. Slightly better master stateroom arrangement, IMO (In My Opinion), and some other advantages too.

4. Works fine. We often run for long distances at 7-8 kts, very decent fuel economy. You can get engine manufacturer spec sheets for predicted GPH at various RPMs, eventually compare various RPMs to actual speeds (we did that)... and in our case, we can approach 2 NMPG at slow speeds. Many will recommend you a) operate the engines at the correct temps, and b) occasionally run up to planing speeds to clear out build-up in aftercoolers or turbos, etc. Sometimes, planing hulls are not comfortable at displacement speeds due to sea states (but then sometimes full- and semi-displacement trawlers aren't either, without stabilizers). In our case, we have the option to get on plane, get it over with, tack into seas if necessary, etc.

7. In our case, we have removable floor sections in the saloon, and I've seen whole engines removed/replaced in sisterships, easy enough to do with a boom led through the cockpit door. But we also have a day hatch from the cockpit too, so I don't have to lift those hatches very often. The 45C and 50C both have engine room hatches in the cockpit, but I'm told the 45C and 50C don't have those removable hatches in the saloon. I dunno about the 45C engine room, but I'm told there's decent service access on both side of each engine. I suspect each boat/model is different.

8. You can check through the various MWR websites. And you can check out Pax River in person, if you haven't already. We've been through the marinas at MCAS Cherry Point and NAS Jacksonville, decent enough but you'd have to evaluate each differently. Cherry Point is well protected, but then they didn't have many slip options for our size (and we're low in the pecking order anyway). NAS Jax borders open water on the St. Johns River, lots of fetch, and I'm told it can get a bit bouncy in there depending on which dock/which slip. I haven't been to Patrick AFB, but I'm told that's a pretty nifty setup if they have space available. All that said, it's a great benefit if one of the military marinas can work for you.

9. I think it's a large community, but I haven't looked to see if there's a single on-line community. Maybe a place to start would be by talking to dockmasters at various target marinas.

So you know, wen it comes to boat brands, there's often an on-line "owners club" and it's common for people to join before buying... so ask questions about various models, strengths and weaknesses (you get more candid comments when the boat brand doesn't own the website), and advice on service access and repairs and so forth.

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