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Time to start asking questions, 10 of them

I am new to using forums so here we go... I'll give a snapshot of where I am and blast out some questions, answer what you want.

I retire from the Marine Corps in 3 years, the wife and I plan on living on a boat. I have had a few boats but nothing liveaboard. We want to cruise the east coast, the gulf and maybe into the Bahamas. We have researched boats for a few years but have just recently started going to see them. We seem to like aft cabin motoryachts and convertible type sportfishers , (I am aware that they will offer completely different experiences). We have yet to see a traditional trawler but are open to the idea.

Thoughts, experiences, opinions, advice-
1.35-45' Meridian/Carver type aftcabins, 200-300 price range.
2. Silverton T-series 45' - (If you own Heavy Metal located at Kent Narrows, MD- your boat was amazing and showed us another possibility!)
3. What are some good questions to get the conversation started with a broker?
4.Sportfisher going trawler speeds as a liveaboard?
5.Things to stay away from, i.e. cored hull on some Sea Ray type boats from XXXX-2002?
6.A buyers checklist/or sequence- i.e. have an oil sample pulled before haul out.
7.Engine access that is in the saloon? Seems like a nightmare.
8.Military marinas
9.retired military liveaboards
10. What questions should I be asking?

I know that's a lot but there is a lot to know. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to provide knowledge. Thanks!
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