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I am just recapping what has already been said.

First know your boat. Some boats have 230v appliances but that does not make them a 230v boat. Is there a step up transformer on one of the 120v legs or does the appliance pull from each leg. We need to know this to determine which type of splitter is necessary.

Secondly, what is your minimum power requirements. Can you get by with 15a, 30a or do you need 50a minimum.

Third, what are the power supply options in your part of the world. In the old days I ran across 15a, 20a, 30a, and 50a/125v. Now I only run into 30a and 50a/125v/250v, which is different from 50a/125v.

Forth, you should either do like Kevin and add an isolation transformer or do like myself and add an ELCI master breaker. This way you will never be the guy who just tripped the whole marina because of leakage.

Finally, I am not familiar with what you will find on the east coat for power options and for those on the west coast, what I carry is over kill but this is what I have on board. “15a to 30a”, “20a to 30”, “30a to 50a/125/250”, “50a/125 to 50a/125/250”. I don’t carry splitters but I don’t have a need for air conditioning and I have a step up transformer for my 230v appliance. Others might want to add a smart splitter to this.
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