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On my boat, I installed a Jabsco QuietFlush that has worked great for about 8 years. If I was to do it again, I'd look at the Raritan as a replacement. Sounds like you're off to a good start with Raritan and the Solo Tank Monitor. No vent filters on my boat.

I switched to NoFlex about a year ago when TF's own Giggitoni gave me a bottle to try. I was very impressed and have remained with it since. It helps oxygenate the tank and really reduces the solids well. No more smells after a flush 1 week into usage. If I fall a little behind schedule with the NoFlex, I'll notice a very slight odor as a reminder to throw in another tablespoon. I'll continue to use it for the foreseeable future. Great stuff! (Thanks, Peggie and SeaQ...and Giggitoni!!)

I use a diaphragm pump on my shower drain (same model as my water pump for redundancy) but have no sump...the hose from the drain runs to the inline strainer to the pump to overboard. No smells and a dry shower. I use a squeegee to get most of the water off my shower stall walls to aid in drying.

One of my recent mods was a Caframo fan that I use in the head or elsewhere as needed onboard. I purchased a 2 inch round magnet at Harbor Freight, painted it white and attached it with 4200 to the base of the fan. I installed a 2 inch fender washer in the ceiling of my head near the port so the fan can be mounted to blow in or out as needed (depending on the relative wind). I also placed a couple washers elsewhere in the boat where a fan would be helpful. Each spot has a 12V outlet nearby so power is not an issue. The fan does a great job of venting the head or providing circulation around the boat as desired. On most days, the mirror in my head no longer fogs after a shower. I would not vent into the ER or allow shower water into the bilge to avoid other issues with smells and moisture buildup.

My shower hand wand also drips a bit when off and I think most are designed to do this...some drip more than others. I placed toggle valves on each of my water faucet spouts to allow me to conserve water when washing dishes, etc. Those valves also allow a small drip to indicate that the faucet is still on.

I took the tempering valve off my water heater since that valve lowered the temp of the water in the tank and I wanted the hot water to last longer. Of course, the result is the potential to get scalding water out of the tank. I like the idea of a temp mixing valve downstream of the tank to limit the temp at the outlets. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good model?
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