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Does anyone else get a disgusting 'burb' when you starting pumping out? I have to remember to open the valve on the pump out hose reaaaaaaaallllly slowly to avoid it.

That fits the description of a pressurized tank, which would be caused by a blocked tank vent. Opening the pumpout hose relieves the pressure, but doesn't provide the source of air needed to pump out or escape for air displaced by incoming waste when the toilet is flushed. If it seems like your tank is filling up a lot faster these days, it's because the blocked vent is causing the pump to pull a vacuum after removing only a few gallons.

90% of vent blockages occur in the vent thru-hull...use a screwdriver blade, ice pick--whatever works to clean it out. And then replace it with an open bulkhead or "mushroom" thru-hull that'll let you put a hose nozzle against it and backflush the vent line to prevent future blocked vents...which you wouldn't be able to do if there's a filter in the vent line 'cuz filters can't get wet, so the solution to that is: get rid of the filter.


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