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Jeff F and Kchace,

Yes, I had suspected the engine was running too cold with the heater. It seemed to take way too long to reach operating temperature. The cabin heater was rather large, and I had no use for it in Florida (freed up some space under the galley).

Normal operating temperature for the engine should be between 167 and 194 per the manual. If I push the engine beyond 2700 RPM (WOT is 3600), she reaches 200 degrees in a few minutes and produces steam out the exhaust. I believe the alarm sounds at 205, but I throttle back before then. Before the steam/temp issue and removal of the cabin heater, I used to run the boat at 2700 as my cruise and had no problem running her at WOT.

The exhaust elbow is just a few years old, and I removed some carbon via the elbow's various inspection ports with a screw driver a few months ago. I am going to reinspect and run a coat hanger through the ports to be certain.

My theory is the cabin heater was keeping the temp down and "masking" another issue. The very warm impeller cover and hot transmission suggest to me a blockage exists in the interior transmission cooler. It has never been cleaned to my knowledge.

Thank you everyone for your help! I will know more this weekend!
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