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Originally Posted by Whodgins View Post

In the little diagram I made for the Electrical System Overview article, you can see that coming out of the Isolation Transformer, the AC power goes directly to the AC input of the inverter/chargers and is only used for the charger side of the MultiPlus units, not passed directly through.
That's not how they work.

A Multiplus will actually pass directly through the AC source when connected.
It can boost this using the inverter as well, but in general operation, when AC is present at the input, that AC is switched through to the output.
The charger will also operate and charge the batteries when AC is present.

The better way to become shore-power intolerant as far as frequency and voltage, is to replace the Multiplus units with straight inverters, and add a bank of multi-voltage/multi-frequency chargers. This way it will work as you have stated; shore power will only charge the batteries, and your ship loads will only ever see inverter output AC.
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