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I have 6 x 345W solar, 2 x 200A engine alternators and a house bank of 1284Ah @ 12v. And no generator. So, a scaled down version of what is planned for the xpm78. I have a propane galley, but refers are 12V. They are the biggest draws.

After a six years of use, a few observations are:
1. weaker winter irradiance and/or angle means noticeably less solar Ah replacement. In higher latitudes this would be accentuated unless the panels can be tilted.
2. If I get panel shading, and that occurs with SE winds at anchor for me, then solar will not match daily use in winter. Down here in Oz the SE trades blow all winter, so it is an issue!
3. Moving after a few nights at anchor allows the house bank to be boosted enough for the solar to cope. But if you want to spend a week somewhere, other than in low latitudes in warmer months, then you need to do serious power management (saving) on board.
4. I have the ubiquitous Honda 2000 for backup, and on average over a year I use it 5-10% of time anchored. All things considered I would install a 5kW genny if doing it again.

For the schematic on the blog, there is a typo. Alternators are "250V @24V" should obviously be "250A @24V".

Using inverter/chargers would not be my choice next time. I would seperate the functions. So, both 230V and 120V inverters (at 50Hz and 60Hz respectively) and Victron's universal input chargers (90-265V, 50/60Hz). Wiring & switching is more simple.

As TT notes, parasitic loads add up and its not just the Victron's. eg Sat dish always on in case I've set the PVR to record something, TV on standby, laptop plugged in, USB chargers plugged in for phone/ipad charging, router and switches running. It ends up being a surprising amount, and too much of a PITA to be running round turning off/on etc. Easier to have a larger house bank and more charging options. Hence the genny.
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