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Originally Posted by kchace View Post
Please be careful when making assumptions from PO wiring. I have seen (and heard on these pages) of many instances of crazy or wrong color codes, faulty wiring setups and incorrect breaker configurations. Use a meter to thoroughly examine what voltages are where.

Thanks to all who have responded. I opened up the access plate to the wiring. It's three wires coming in, red, black, and green, the color scheme one would expect for 220V, instead of black, white, and green for 110V. However, checking line voltage on the red and black shows only one lead to be hot, the red wire, which is consistent with the red wire at the breaker. I tested both wires directly to a big ground bus so I am now 99% certain I have only a 110v supply. What do you guys think? Have I missed something?

Yes, I understand that wiring 110V to a 220V element reduces current draw to one-fourth. This doesn't save any money, it just means a longer recovery time. So, since I do not have to worry generally about load-balancing, I am inclined to replace my 220V unit with a 110V unit.
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