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Anacortes liveaboard

Originally Posted by Moonfish View Post
The majority of liveaboards we know probably take better care and interest in their marina than the typical mostly absent "regular tenants"...

I would agree with this. I have never lived aboard, but for the most part they have been assets to a marina community. There is a couple that live aboard full time a couple slips away from me. They use their boat and often are away from the dock. Next to them is another couple in a new Selene that live aboard much of the year. Great neighbors. There have been two large sailboats that had live aboards that fantastic dock neighbors.

OTOH, in the marina across the fairway from us there is a real sketchy guy living on an old sailboat. He isnít too bad when he hasnít been drinking but...

The biggest problem we have seen in the PNW are the folks living on boats that are simply anchored out in some harbors. They are a very real nuisance and much more of a problem than live-aboards that are in marinas.

To the OPs issue, I would start to look seriously to the West side of the sound. Yes, the communities are smaller and the marinas not as fancy. However, there is less traffic and costs are much lower. The other place to look is further South. There are many marinas South of Seattle all the way down to Olympia.

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