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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
I'm not sure if they were Mathers controls, but I had to move a boat from the travel lift over to a slip in an adjacent marina. It was the first time I've ever driven a vessel with electronic shifters.

I hated them. I when put the boat into FWD (1....2....3... transmission goes FWD). Put the boat in nuetral (1....2.....3..transmission goes into neutral).

About a year later I say a guy in a large mide 50 Searay flybridge horsing his throttles very hard around a gas dock and had to laugh. I strongly suspect he was dealing with the same issue. Only his solution was more throttle, until the tranmission kicked in.
Originally Posted by Pete Meisinger View Post
Why would anyone keep such a system in their boat ? I would immediately swap it out for a cable system.

If you are contemplating a purchase of a boat with electronic controls immediately knock the price of replacement off the price and explain why.

I had a friend who had an early auto pilot system which often malfunctioned whenever he got close to a large metal object (bridge, large ship, loading docks, etc.) It was a ticking time bomb !! same for these electronic controls, get rid of them.

Nothing wrong with electronic controls at all- so the fear is unjustified. Countless cables have broken, and hydraulic lines break- so what is you solution for those with analog cables or hydraulic hoses that are hard to access/replace?

Electronic controls may have an engagement delay- like anything else, itís simply a factor of learning the system.

We went from cable to Glendinning, and would not go back to cable.
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