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Inverter case ground connection

I installed a 3000 watt true sine wave inverter in my boat over the Summer. I have not connected the chassis ground lug to anything yet and I have convinced myself to leave it that way. My reasoning is that the unit is grounded by the shower power connection (when it's connected) and if there is a short to the case, I don't want AC or DC power going to my bonding system as it could kill someone and will not achieve anything useful regardless since it's not a true ground and won't trip a breaker.

The installation instructions are vague for marine applications:

"Connect the grounding cable between the chassis ground
point and the DC grounding point for your system.
In an RV or vehicle installation, the DC grounding point
will usually be the vehicle chassis or a dedicated chassis
ground bus.
For marine installations, refer to the applicable local code
for marine DC grounding detail."

I was, however, thinking that maybe I should check for continuity between the grounding lug and the AC ground connection and if there is none, ground the case to the AC in ground wire. That said, I will be very surprised if there is no continuity there already.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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