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Well I’m glad I flubbed up as I had a notion that most brokers just sat there and stuffed the money in their pockets as the boats sold. An exaggeration of course but not far off.

I did know a broker that sold a boat after doing nothing but putting the listing on the board. But I got my info from the seller .. I was the buyer. And like most sales of this kind some get dumb lucky and some require endless work. May mostly have to do w the degree boat salesmen are really salesmen. Many walk into the job knowing about as much as we all know about getting married .. not much. And there are few salesmen that actually study and learn something about being a salesman. Like most anything .. there’s a lot to learn. And then there’s the experience of finding out how to apply what was learned. Most salesmen probably lean on the “I know all I need to know” category.

But thanks for the above.
I needed at least some or more of what I said after my flub.

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