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Couple of things.

Your selling agent, and the buying agent, may not actually be the broker.

So the fee is not just split between two people, but potentially anywhere from 1 to four people, depending on if the agent is the broker, and if the listing agent/broker brings the buyer.

In today's world, if you are a very active cruiser and social media person there is a strong probability that many people know your boat and how well (or not) you have looked after it. So another option is to put together a selling page for your boat and make it known on your FB, TF, MTOA, Owner's Form etc. etc.

Your choice then is to do the whole thing yourself, or offer an agent a greatly reduced fee to do the paperwork as you are bringing the buyer yourself.

You could even do both. Try yourself for a few months until your are sure that your own points of contacts are not bringing anything - then switch to a listing agent. But be aware that fall and winter, especially in northern climes, may not be the best time for your own listing, spring better.

One more point, don't agree on a listing contract if you are going to try yourself. If a buyer finds your boat through an agent, that buyer is the agent's from then on - even a year later.
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