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Originally Posted by ERTF View Post
I live on the hook & use a fiberglass skiff as my tender. Any recomendations to cushion the edge of the swim platform?

I know Taylor Made makes a pacman shaped fender for this very task, but I'm not gonna buy 10 of those at $$$ apiece (plus they take up alot of space).

Also, I dont really need fender level cushioning.

Anybody ever tried attaching some of that (vinyl?) dock stripping?

Any other creative solutions?
Keeping the dinghy under control at anchor is simple once you find the solution that works best for you.
I tie my dinghy painter to my midship cleat, so that the back 3 ft of the dinghy rest against the side of the swimgrid. I tie the stern to a stern cleat on the boat, or to a cleat on the swimgrid. It behaves well there and allows access and egress without fuss. I prefer the starboard side as that side is where the steps up and gate from the swimgrid are located. Mine is an inflatable, so no fendering is required. If I had a hard dinghy, a couple of dinghy sized fenders attached to the dinghy would do the job.
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