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I keep the skiff on a 15-20ft painter when at anchor, so I don't need to stop it from coming back to the big boat at rest. It's moreso just the daily on & off...especially when ferrying provisions or inexperienced guests. It's minor bumps mostly, but its an everyday thing, so it makes sense to mitigate it.

Now a seperate issue entirely is when on the move, I have to tow it. And as a single hander in the ICW, it's a cumbersome proposition dealing with bridges & a towed tender. Some of these suggestions like mooring whips & pool noodle over painter are thoughts I've had for that issue.

Really wish I had the option to get the skiff onto the big boat for those situations, but I'm somewhat doubtful thats doable. Altho it is on my list of "research" topics.
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